Aug 25, 2012

Open Your Own Book Store for $69!

This is my second time around with Usborne Books & More {although the "& More" is new to me this time} and I am really excited to be working with this wonderful company again. As well as being a homeschooler, I have a natural love for books and reading. I also understand how very important it is to surround your children with good quality books from birth on to help them be successful.

When I saw Usborne books up close for the first time, I fell in love with them! They are colorful, informative and very good quality. The format and illustrations in Usborne books are especially helpful in getting boys interested in learning. {Another plus for me, obviously!} Becoming an independent consultant was a natural fit for me and our family. I get to make money, get out of the house to socialize and help other families {and my own} get free and discounted books.

If you are a homeschooler, you are probably already familiar with Usborne books. They are used as "spine" and supplemental books in curriculums such as Sonlight, My Father's World, Weaver, The Well-Trained Mind, Veritas Press and Galloping the Globe. Needless to say, many consultants are either homeschoolers or teachers, but all of them {heart} books.

The "& More" refers to the line of Kane Miller books that were added to the company. They are award-winning fictional books from around the world and are a fantastic complement to the mostly non-fiction Usborne books.

Do you love children's books as much as I do?
Are you looking for a way to supplement your family's income
and add to your home library?
You can get started with the Mini Consultant Kit for $69 or the New Consultant Kit for $129.
Until the end of August, you can get the New Consultant Kit for just $69! That's right...over $375 worth of books and business supplies and your own business for less than $70!

Need more information? Contact me.
I would love to help you get started with your own business.
Maybe this isn't for you. That's fine. Not everyone is passionate about books. But do you know someone else who might be interested? Pass it on! This may be just the opportunity they have been waiting for.

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