Police K9 Unit Study

Sep 25, 2010

I don't do unit studies very often but an opportunity presented itself and I can't let it pass by. My husband is a police officer, so the topic is near and dear to our hearts. One of his co-workers told me about a public K-9 demonstration coming up and as I was passing the information along to other homeschoolers, I decided to look for some related educational sites. I found some really good ones and decided that next week we will do a unit study on police officers and their canine counterparts.

Dog Heroes Unit Study

How Police Dogs Work

German Shepherds - Information from the AKC

Community Helper: The Police Officer - Preschool lesson plan, crafts & activities

Police Coloring Pages

Elementary Read-Alouds:

Officer Buckle & Gloria - Here is a lapbook study to go with this title.
Aero and Officer Mike
Police Officers on Patrol
P is for Police

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