Toddler "I Did It" Book

Jun 18, 2012

Sticker charts are an awesome motivator for little ones. We have used them to encourage potty training, hygiene habits, sleeping in own bed, good attitudes and behavior. Usually, I just place a sheet of colored paper on the fridge or other appropriate place and write the child's name on top or print off one of the countless free charts from here. Lately, I have been working on several habits with M2. I thought it would be easier for me and more fun for M2 if he had one place for all of his stickers and to be able to carry it around if he wanted.

It took less than thirty minutes to put together this simple paper book. As a matter of fact, it's so easy that a child can do it. That being said, I'm not giving you any instructions. Now, you can get all fancy if you want, but I know what the eventual fate of this book will be. It is just a temporary tool to help establish a few habits. 

I used Microsoft Word to create the cover and page labels. Do2Learn has a lot of printable clipart for making visual charts for children, especially those with special needs. I also used their clipart to make morning and evening routine charts for the hobbits. 

All you need is:

Homeschool Planning 2012

Jun 9, 2012

Busy bee... That's me! I am trying to do way too many things at once, right now. Getting ready for a yard sale. Sorting through and reorganizing our homeschool books and records. Researching, purchasing, and planning for our upcoming homeschool year for four boys. I'll have one son finishing school and another one beginning this year!

Surprisingly, I'm very excited about our school this year. We are going to be using Galloping the Globe for Isaac (3rd) and Levi (K), while adding in some unit studies and Five in a Row. Thankfully, Jolanthe, at Homeschool Creations, has shared her plans and printables from their world geography study and made life planning a little easier for me. Of course, we have several Usborne Books to supplement our studies, like Usborne's IL Encyclopedia of World Geography, Usborne Book of Peoples of the World, and Usborne Flags Sticker Book.

The other curriculum we are looking forward to is Exploring Creation with Astronomy. We are going to have a mini co-op class in our home with a couple of other families with boys close in age to Isaac. To say Isaac is excited would be an understatement. He keeps asking when we will be starting. Hopefully, his enthusiasm won't fade before August.

We are also going to try Singapore Math for Isaac, after using JUMP Math last semester. JUMP Math is great for children who are not strong in math or get stuck and need a step-by-step break down of math concepts. It was very helpful in getting Noah past his math road-block.

Speaking of Noah, I am still unsure of what all we're doing for his 8th grade year, other than Easy Grammar and Apologia General Science. So, I'll post about that another time.

Mason will have a fairly heavy senior year, as he needs to fill in a few gaps and catch up on his reading list. His courses will include Lifepac Civics, Art History & Appreciation {unit study}, Around the World in 180 Days {world geography}, Jensen's Format Writing, and maybe Jacobs' Geometry. He will also be using Chemistry 101 since he is not planning on attending a four-year college. He is leaning very heavily toward a technical school for auto mechanics. Mason has spent more than enough hours earning a credit for an elective auto mechanics course. Papa Bear and I are so proud of how much he has learned on his own through reading, researching online, talking to local experts, and his own blood, sweat and tears poured into his car.

How is your planning going? What are you using in your homeschool in the fall?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through any of them, I will receive compensation. 

Free eBooks

Jun 5, 2012

 6/7/12 - Sorry, they are back to regular price now! 

Here are a couple of free eBooks for you or as a Father's Day gift. 

That's My Teenage Son by Rick Johnson

What a Son Needs From His Dad by Michael A. O'Donnell
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