Welcome to My Life

My name is Christy and I'm married to my knight-in-Kevlar-armor who I will call Papa Bear whenever I blog about him. He is a law enforcement officer and that makes us a law enforcement family and, unapologetically, part of the Thin Blue Line. He is also a veteran and Army Reservist. We have been married for 23 years and have five sons who I have been homeschooling since our oldest son was ready to start school way back in 2000.

M1 is our firstborn son and 22 years old. He has a passion for cars that started with his Hot Wheels obsession as a child. Homeschooling allowed him to pursue his interest of learning everything he could about how cars work, how to repair and maintain them, and how to spend lots of money making them faster, louder, and shinier. M1 is teetering on the edge of starting his own family with talks of marriage to his sweetheart.

Our second son, NG, is 17 years old. Introverted, like his mother, he is reserved with a fierce spirit and would probably thrive if ever stranded on a desert island. When he isn't working at his first job, all of his money and extra time is spent on airsoft gear and food. 

IB is right in the middle and 12 years old. His current interests are soccer, gaming, Pokemon, Legos, and spending time with friends. He is my most extroverted child, soaking up the energy of those around him and not being content to be alone for very long. IB is also my noisiest son, always humming, tapping, or singing. Papa Bear is hoping he'll follow in his musical footsteps.

Our fourth son, LJ, is nine years old and has always kept me on my toes, right from the beginning when he decided to make his appearance three and a half weeks early. He was close to being born in the car, but fortunately waited until we were quickly guided into a room at the hospital. His favorite activities are tagging along with IB, gaming, and building with Legos.

My Valentine baby, M2, is no longer a baby at six years old. The push away from mom has begun as he vacillates between snuggles and snubs. He is sweet and kind, observant, and learns quickly. I'm constantly amazed by his quick wit. 

I never once imagined being the mom of five boys but God rarely reveals his plans ahead of time. If he did, I'm sure that many of us would question or plead with him about the wisdom of his plans for our lives. I probably would have been frozen in fear, afraid of my own inadequacy. But God knows better than I and gives me the tools I need as we go along. My boys have changed me, strengthened me and continue to help me grow as a mother and as a woman. Children have their own personalities and tendencies, but they are also a mirror of their parents. It is often very humbling and, sometimes, painful to see your reflection in them. And, at other times, you experience God's grace and forgiveness through your own children. I have such a long way to go as a mother and my prayer is that "love covers over a multitude of sins".

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8 (NIV)

But What About Christy? 

Since the beginning of my journey into motherhood, I've leaned heavily outside the mainstream. I began with exclusive/extended breastfeeding, babywearing, and co-sleeping and eventually added in homeschooling. By my third pregnancy, I was ready to try having a natural birth and becoming even more immersed in natural parenting and living. NG was having some health and behavior issues that pushed me into learning more about healthy eating and natural health, which has snowballed over the years. LJ has pushed me into further research due to behavior issues and his development of cold urticaria over a year ago.

Over the past several years, I have developed a love for healing herbs, natural health care, and helping others make healthy changes for themselves and their families. Along with writing about raising boys, homeschooling, homemaking, healthy food, and the occasional sewing or house project, I'll be including posts about homemade health and beauty products, herbal concoctions, and things I'm learning about natural holistic health.

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