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May 20, 2011

It's everywhere! It's everywhere!

As a mom who tries to feed my boys healthy, natural foods, it can be very difficult to handle the candy situation. In the past, I've tried to eliminate it, control it, demonize it, confiscate it, but candy is a HUGE part of our culture. You cannot go anywhere without finding it. Mints with your dinner bill. Candy displays at every check-out. Gumball machines near the door of every restaurant and store in town. Suckers at the doctor's office and the bank. Handfuls of candy thrown at you during parades. Kids bringing it home from school and parties. Commercialized holidays that seem to center on it. Well-meaning, but uninformed grandparents...Ahem.

So, I have taken turns being lenient about candy and all-together throwing my hands up in the air. One of my favorite things to keep around (when we can afford them) are YummyEarth organic lollipops. We all love them, every flavor, but the ones that usually go first are the blueberry and the pomegranate. Until now, other than the occasional organic chocolate or xylitol gum from the health food store, that was the only natural candy I had to offer my kids. Today, I was lucky enough to stumble upon I was so excited to find a one-stop shop that offers candy with no high-fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors or dyes, no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, and no preservatives. And the selection is NOT limited to a few varieties or brands. There are chocolates, candy bars, hard candies, gummies, candy sprinkles for baking, marshmallow creme, get the idea. 

So you can see why I was excited! Yes, it's a bit more expensive. Yes, it's still sugar. But if you have a choice, why not choose the better option? Think of how much less guilt you will have, especially during the holidays. Of course, if your child is allergic to corn or is sensitive to artificial colors, then you'll have a way to still indulge them with a sweet treat from time to time. With every order, you can choose a free sample (or four!). And when you sign up for their newsletter, you will be entered into a monthly drawing for a $50 gift certificate.

Now, I know you are just itching to click the link to see if they have your sweet tooth's your kids' favorite treat. 

Disclaimer: This post was prompted by my own excitement and I will earn a $5 gift certificate for any new order placed through the links.


  1. Thanks for such an awesome resource--I'm off to browse.

  2. Great blog! I am MOB too. Happily following you.

  3. Thanks for the link!! I try to avoid all those things, especially high fructose corn syrup, but it's HARD. I'll go check it out. BTW, I'm following you from Blog hop Monday.


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