Discount School Supply Sale & Some Recommendations

Jul 15, 2011

Discount School Supply - Same Day Shipping
  Are you a homeschooler, teacher, daycare provider, a parent of a special needs child, or just a parent who likes to do fun, educational activities with your child? If you consider yourself the last one, you're a homeschooler too. ;) Then you may already know about Discount School Supply. If you don't, I suggest checking it out. They have tons of art supplies, wooden bookshelves, puzzles, puppets, dress-up, sensory toys, Lego and Duplo sets. You'll also find everything you need for homeschool and classroom organization. Right now, you can get 20% off of EVERYTHING through July 25! Use the code TWENTYEV when you check out. And you get free two-day delivery on all orders over $79!

I recently purchased the wall calendar pictured below and am planning to have calendar time with Isaac and Levi. Carisa at 1+1+1=1 has a great idea for adapting your calendar time to teach multiple ages. 

Another educational idea I would like to implement for my younger ones is sensory boxes or tubs, like the ones at Counting Coconuts. The Easy Label Teaching Totes below would work well for those and for organizing our educational and art supplies.
Miles loves to look at pictures and I have looked at many different fabric toddler photo albums. I'm considering getting this one. It's simple, colorful, and holds 13 pictures. 
When I was organizing our toddler room at church a couple of years ago, I ran across Viking Toys' Chubby vehicles. All of the kids loved them. A bucket of 15 was barely enough for a half dozen toddlers because they all wanted several so they could connect them. This bucket is perfect if you only have one or a few little ones. Of course, Levi wanted to take them home too, so I bought a few for him and now Miles likes to play with them. I usually shy away from a lot of plastic toys but I really like these. The wheels are rubber, roll smoothly, and are attached well. There aren't any sharp corners and since they are hollowed out underneath, they are easy to wash and play with in the tub without worrying about them holding water and getting mildewy. They are also just the right size for chubby little hands.
These Easy-Grip Stampers would definitely get a lot of use at our house. I just don't know which set to get first. Transportation, Space, Sea Life, Shapes, Alphabet, Jungle, Farm, Seasonal, Dinosaur...

One more thing I'm interested in getting is this set of Textured Dough Rolling Pins made of hard wood. The boys love playing with our homemade play dough and these rolling pins would be a great addition to our collection of tools.

Have you purchased anything from Discount School Supply yet? What did you get? If not, what's on your wish list?

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation to write this post. However, I am an affiliate and will receive a small percentage of any future purchase made through the links above.


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