Moments to Remember

Dec 11, 2011

This week, I'm joining Carisa and Jolanthe in their Moments to Remember link-up. Here are several pictures of happenings in our homeschool this week.

LJ stringing beads, completely uninterested in my efforts to help him create patterns, while M2 periodically scatters them and knocks them on the floor

IB practicing place value (and stacking the tens and ones into little pyramids)

M3's work-in-progress (I call it "Auto Mechanics") 

NG helping IB make cookies for IB's Cub Scout cookie exchange



  1. What happened with the auto mechanic lesson? Looks like you had a great week!

  2. It's definitely "delight-directed". He has been teaching himself by consulting books, internet articles and forums, local experts, and family. He's outside working on his car, as I type.


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