Life With Boys Link-Up

Apr 15, 2012


Being a mom is hard work. Being a mom of boys is also an adventure. If you are a mom of boys, whether it be 1 or 10, you know that they can see things a lot differently than we do. Life with boys can get very interesting (and messy and loud and unpredictable and sweet and funny and...). Sometimes, a mom just needs to share it with someone who can appreciate it. Like other mommas with hairy-legged, bear-hugging, bug-loving, risk-taking, on-the-go boys.

Link up your posts and share with us the joys and perils of your life with boys, whether it be about feeding, teaching, training, entertaining, or just loving them. Link directly to your post and keep it family-friendly, please. Don't have a blog? Leave a comment. As you skip through and read about other mommas and their boys, please leave comments to encourage and uplift.

Please link back here or grab the Life with Boys Link-Up button from my sidebar 
so other boy moms can join us!


  1. I'm excited about this link-up! I will do a post for it on Sunday with your link - highlighting what you're doing!!!

  2. Thank you, bluecottonmemory! My little link-up needs all the help it can get. :)


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