Toddler "I Did It" Book

Jun 18, 2012

Sticker charts are an awesome motivator for little ones. We have used them to encourage potty training, hygiene habits, sleeping in own bed, good attitudes and behavior. Usually, I just place a sheet of colored paper on the fridge or other appropriate place and write the child's name on top or print off one of the countless free charts from here. Lately, I have been working on several habits with M2. I thought it would be easier for me and more fun for M2 if he had one place for all of his stickers and to be able to carry it around if he wanted.

It took less than thirty minutes to put together this simple paper book. As a matter of fact, it's so easy that a child can do it. That being said, I'm not giving you any instructions. Now, you can get all fancy if you want, but I know what the eventual fate of this book will be. It is just a temporary tool to help establish a few habits. 

I used Microsoft Word to create the cover and page labels. Do2Learn has a lot of printable clipart for making visual charts for children, especially those with special needs. I also used their clipart to make morning and evening routine charts for the hobbits. 

All you need is:


  1. I love this idea! Where did you find the clip art or is that your artwork? So cute and exactly what we need.

  2. Thank you! Most of the clipart I used came from the website, (linked in post).


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