Bathroom Makeover

Jan 18, 2016

Once upon a time, our bathroom was in its original 1956 state with blush tiles and an old lineolum tile floor. We replaced the tile in the shower because it was urgent and had plans to remodel the rest of the bathroom at some point in the future but were making do until we were ready to tackle it. Then, the toilet started leaking...

and one thing led to another. Papa Bear started looking into the problem and then there was a big hole in the floor. You know how that goes, right?

We got this far. Of course, the fix wasn't quite as easy as we thought it would be and we ended up contacting a professional. Having been staring at those tile walls for four years already, I knew exactly what I wanted done. I had visions of a cottage style bathroom with white bead board and accents of blues and greens. To keep costs down, we removed the wall tile and sink and would paint everything ourselves. We decided to keep the tub, sink, and medicine cabinet.

The floor is almost finished here, just needs to be grouted. The contractor did a fantastic job and was super quick. We had him give us an estimate for our kitchen floor before he left. That's a future post.

The contractor is finished and it's time for us to get started with painting. You can see the floor is grouted here.

No home project happens without at least several trips to Lowe's. Papa Bear made a late evening trip to get a paint sprayer for this job. It worked well, but I'm not sure if it saved any time. He had fun with it though.

New toilet. Almost there. Ready for the finishing touches. That didn't stop a little boy from getting a bath though. Peek-a-boo!

Before, we had a single towel bar and it was impossible to keep all of the younger boys' towels hung up. I knew that there would be hooks, enough for everyone to have their own. I painted wood letters from Hobby Lobby to lean above the hooks to help the hobbits be responsible for their own towels. The lighting in the photo makes it difficult to see the true colors, but the towels from Target match the curtain perfectly.

I'm so pleased with the results! It's much brighter and so pretty. I hard a difficult time finding a shower curtain that I loved, but I remembered a tablecloth I had purchased on clearance at Target for just $10. I hemmed it to the right length and used my sewing machine to add button holes for the curtain hooks. I still haven't found a shower curtain I like better than this one I made.


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