In Search of Naan

Mar 25, 2011

Papa Bear took this picture when he was in Afghanistan. The young man is inspecting the flat bread or naan that just finished baking inside a stone oven. After the dough is formed by hand, they literally throw the dough onto the inside wall of the oven. When it's finished baking, they toss it onto this cloth-covered floor. Quite a contrast from our sterile factory bakeries where the employees wear white uniforms and hair nets and the recipes include ingredients that we can't pronounce.

Papa Bear loved the naan he had there. I have looked for recipes but since I've never actually had it, I don't know which one to try. Here are a few I'm interested in:

Do you know of any good naan recipes? I would love to surprise him with some. If it's easy enough, it will probably become a regular staple for our family. Thanks for your help!


  1. I hope you find a good recipe :)

  2. Never heard of it till just now lol
    But you can probably find something via Google ^^
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    Come return the visit when you have the chance :)
    The Sleppery Mind


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