Easy Toddler Activity

Apr 24, 2011

Have a toddler? If you do, or have had, then you know how easy it is to entertain them with simple repetitive activities and how much they like to put little things inside of baskets, boxes, VCRs, etc. Just a few days ago, I pulled a AA battery, a torn-up tissue, a crayon, and a magnet out of our VCR. Yes, we still have one but rarely use it. It's combined with our DVD player.

Do you have any empty baby wipes pop-up containers? Small blocks, little people, clothes pins...? Then you're all set for some toddler fun. If they are able to open the box on their own, it will give you at least 5-10 minutes of "sit down, check email, bathroom, take a deep breath & relax, sneak some chocolate, kissy-face with your husband, or fill-in-the-blank" time. Use it well.


  1. How true! There is something about little cups, containers, etc that appeals to a toddler. I find my plastic containers and measuring cups are always missing...


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