Apr 2, 2011

Hard Lotion Bars

Before Christmas, I purchased the ingredients to make soap, hard lotion bars, and lip balm from Bramble Berry. Today, I finally got around to making the hard lotion bars from the MadeOn tutorial. It was very easy to do and the resulting bars make my skin feel silky smooth. We only have occasional skin issues in our family but I have read many reviews on the success people have using these lotion bars with eczema. Noah has had infrequent bouts of eczema and Miles has had one so far. 

I used 4 oz. each of shea butter and beeswax pellets and 5 oz. of coconut oil. The bars turned out solid but the surface begins to melt in your hand immediately, as it should. I'll probably be giving these in gift baskets for Mother's Day and for Christmas.

{I already had the coconut oil in my pantry. Time to order more.} 

{My postage scale works just fine if I place the bowl on before I turn it on.} 

{My makeshift double-boiler.} 

 {I found this muffin mold in the dollar spot at Target.}

{This is a soap mold from Hobby Lobby.} 

{Already wrapped in wax paper.}

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