Father's Day 2011

Jun 19, 2011

To all of the Men who are loving, protecting, and providing for their families:

Happy Father's Day!

Papa Bear gets special treatment on Father's Day. He started off with breakfast in bed (Cocoa Pebbles & Cinnamon Toast Crunch served on a tray), then went back to sleep. Later, when we go to my mom's, he'll get a rare treat of shrimp cocktail and banana split pie. Not together, of course. And the fun doesn't stop there. He also received Reese's Cups, beef jerky, new socks, and homemade cards. Sophisticated, don't you think? Considering that most of these "goodies" are things I don't normally buy, Papa Bear is feeling pretty special right now. Although, I don't know how he'll be feeling by the end of the day after all of the junk food.

What do you and the kids do for your husband on his special day?

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  1. His gifts made me laugh! Those are the same sorts of things we used to buy for my dad and now buy for my husband. Glad you all had a good Father's Day!


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