A Watery Grave

Jun 19, 2011

I look at my vase of hydrangeas and see beauty and color, but to little boys...

Now, look closely.

it may be a swimming pool...or a watery grave.


  1. that is sooo funny!! But something our daughters would do:)

  2. OMG hahaha classic!
    And the fact that its in a bowl of hydrangea's (my fave flower) makes it even that much more fun!

    Love your blog!
    Hiya! Newest follower from The Mom Blog Monday Hop-- please stop by and say hello and enter my GiVeAwAy! Would love if ya followed back!
    The Purple Goddess

  3. Sadly, my beautiful hydrangeas didn't last as long as they could have due to tiny mischievous hands.


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