2011-12 Homeschool Curriculum

Sep 1, 2011

Thankfully, my slump has passed and I am operating at normal speed again for this school year. Not to say that I don't still feel overwhelmed at times or want to quit. That comes with the territory. Last year was rough for all of us and we have some catching up to do. Also, keep in mind that the following list of curriculum is subject to change at any point if we find that it isn't working.

For our study of Ancient History, I'm using A Child's History of the World as my spine, along with the Kingfisher History Encyclopedia and various other books. I still have A World of Adventure, but I will probably only use it as a resource. At this point, I have researched and seen enough history studies, that I feel okay winging it. My biggest issue is keeping to a time frame. 

IB ~ 2nd Grade
Math Mammoth


A Reason for Handwriting

Considering God's Creation - I used this with my older boys when they were younger also and we love it. IB will also be participating in an elementary science co-op class twice a month.

NG ~ 7th Grade
Math Mammoth - NG needs to master a few more basic math skills before we move on to Life of Fred Fractions and Decimals & Percents.

Learning Language Arts Through Literature: Tan - I'll probably continue to supplement with Easy Grammar curriculum that I've had for years.

Apologia General Science - He'll attend a co-op class twice a month for labs.

M1 ~ 11th  Grade
M1 will continue to fulfill elective credits by researching and working on his car (Auto Mechanics), by expanding his knowledge and experience with his expensive camera (Photography), and by learning many vital life skills (Practical Living Skills).

Streams of Civilization I - This is the spine M1 will use for Ancient History and I'll be adding supplemental books, especially classics like the Illiad.

Life of Fred Beginning and Advanced Algebra - Yes, he has been doing Algebra for a while, but he hit a wall with Teaching Textbooks and we are back-tracking with Life of Fred to help him master it. If it works for him, then we may continue with LOF Geometry.

Apologia Chemistry - We may get together with a couple of other families.
Forensics Science - I was having a very difficult time deciding on science for this year, but one of the homeschooling fathers in our group is teaching this co-op class and M1 is really interested in it.

The Art of Argument - Yes, I want my teenage son to learn how to argue...better.

Excellence in Literature: British Literature  - He'll attend a co-op class for book discussion.

The Money Mystery & Solving the Money Mystery, The Clipper Ship Strategy & Applying the Clipper Ship Strategy - We have been using the Uncle Eric books from Bluestocking Press for Economics and Mason really enjoys reading them. He has also read Uncle Eric Talks About Personal, Career, and Financial Security and Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?

Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) & Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Verb Tenses


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