Little Soldiers

Sep 13, 2011

We've been preparing for IB's army themed birthday party for this weekend and the boys are gearing up. Yesterday, I stopped by the local Army recruiting office and asked if they would be willing to "donate" some promotional items for us to give away as party favors. They were more than willing and gave us more than we needed, including some really cool items for the birthday boy. Thank you, Recruiting Officer F!

When I saw how excited the boys were with all of the free Army loot, I decided to let IB have part of his gifts early. He has been wearing his new BDUs all day. I won't be surprised if  he wants to sleep in them. Thank you, JM Cremp's! Of course, since he was outfitted, the rest of the boys had to join in. Well, except for M1 because he's too old for that now. :( NG and LJ put on every bit of army garb they could find and they even had M2 sporting a cover (that's a hat for the civilians). Little did their neighborhood friends know that when they knocked on our door this afternoon, they would be recruited and immediately put through rigorous training exercises. NG set up an obstacle course and weapons table in our backyard and proceeded to instruct the rest of the boys on weapons safety. Papa Bear is so proud!

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  1. That is so awesome, what an exciting time ~ my boys would love that as well!! Hope your little guy has a great birthday!


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