Menu Plan Monday 11/8/10

Nov 7, 2010

We have family coming in to visit this week and we'll be having an early Thanksgiving dinner with my husband's family on Sunday. With four extra people in our house all week and a houseful this weekend, I'll need to fix easy and economical meals that feed many. I'm grateful that Laura's Lean ground beef is on sale for $2.99/lb this week!

On a side note: My new kitchen cabinets and counters won't be ready until the following week and I am currently (and have been since May) dishwasher-less!. Please pray for me. Just kidding...sort of.

Monday:  Garlic-Lime Chicken with Basmati Rice   
                 Prep: Brown beef              

                  Prep: Soak oatmeal

Wednesday:  Spaghetti Bolognese  
                       Prep: Make homemade chicken stock

Thursday:  Chicken Pot Pie (make 2-9x13)
Friday:  Homemade Pizza (subject to change, maybe take-out)
              Prep: Baked French toast

Sunday:  Potluck Thanksgiving Dinner (I'm still not decided on what I'm fixing.)

Linked to OrgJunkie.

Change: Our Thanksgiving dinner is actually Saturday (miscommunication), so no BBQ chicken this week and leftovers on Sunday.


  1. I only recently started planning my menu for the week and I have to say it has made a difference in my grocery bill each week.
    With a plan I spend less on impulse meals that just look good while I am in the store.

  2. You Monday sounds GREAT! I'm going to have to get a recipe for that. FYI did you know you can make your regular beef 80/20 beef just like "lean beef" if you do a few steps?? I found this out recently. I wrote a post on my blog called "How to clean up your beef"... that way if 95/5 or 90/10 isn't on sale you can get away with "cleaning up" the other beef. It works best with making crumbled beef (not patties). Just FYI.. :)

  3. I homeschool as well...I forgot to mention I love the name of your site. My husband read "raising a modern day knight" and loved it! My hat's off to you and all homeschooling moms!

  4. Added the recipe for Garlic Lime Chicken. It's linked above and it's on the recipe page.


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