Conversations With LJ

Jan 14, 2011

{LJ's bang trim, courtesy of IB}

While I was preparing to make breakfast this morning...
LJ: "I yike French toast! Where's the French?"

As I was preparing to make cornbread last week, I laid out the ingredients on the counter, including two eggs. They began to roll...
LJ, as he caught them: "Oh no. We don't want that to happen. That'll be bad."
Me: "Yes, it would make a big mess, wouldn't it? You would have to clean it up."
LJ: "Ewww! No! I can't do that. I'm not a Mom!"

We were driving recently and LJ was very chatty, talking about everything he saw.
LJ: "Oh! Oh! Did you see that truck?! I yike it! It's fritty!" {translation: pretty}


  1. My B "wikes" everything! I have been working hard to get him to say the initial "L" but it is not easy! He can do it, but I think it is a habit to say the "w"

  2. Oh man! Driving while listening (the the kiddos) is hazardous!! I don't recommend it. You are porbably wondering who I am...found you at FTLOB, noticed you have a crew of boys also. I love meeting new moms of boys...we need to form our own team, because boys are their own species!!


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