Post Christmas Toy Review - Skip Hop Dunck

Jan 16, 2011

Since I have five boys and more toys than they really need, I have to put more effort into coming up with great gift ideas for them. I prefer classic, durable toys with open-ended play value. It should be able to hold up well to typical boy handling and make it through more than one child. I could definitely do without batteries, characters, and cheap plastic. Now that we are a few weeks past Christmas, I thought I would review some of the gifts I chose for our boys and let you know how they were received and how they have held up so far.

M2 is crazy about bath time. When I turn the water on, he smiles from ear to ear and stands on his tip-toes, trying to reach down into the tub to touch that pure liquid fun. Once babies reach about 9-10 months, bath time usually becomes FUN time. So, when I was looking for Christmas gifts for M2, bath toys were at the top of my list. I had been giving the hobbits plastic kids' cups from restaurants to play with in the tub because we don't use them for drinking at home. M2 was fine with those and never would have known the difference, honestly. But when I saw these, I thought they were adorable and practical. 

The classic bath time rubber ducky has been reinvented. I love the fresh colors and modern look of the Skip Hop Dunck bath toys. They are made of plastic, of course, are stackable, and dishwasher-safe. They float and the tail and beak are spouts for pouring. I found that adding a little water helps them float better. I love that there are three ducks! That means that M2 can have one for each hand and I still have one to use for rinsing his hair. No more trying to get him to share with Momma. He likes to play with these outside of the tub too.

I will be adding the Skip Hop Dunck set to my gift-giving list for first birthdays. The whole line of Skip Hop products is super cute and now I'm considering getting the spout cover and a couple of backpacks for LJ and to use for M2 instead of a diaper bag .


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  1. Coming over from the hip homeschool hop.

    I love the bath toys. One thing I love about those is so many bath toys don't last long cause they get moldy and yucky quick-these wouldn't.

    I also thought 'outside our normal box' this Christmas. We also have a surplus of toys, so this year the kids got lots of GAMES and stuff for homeschooling (educational toys)


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