Conversations With LJ

Feb 2, 2011

M2 was having his mid-morning "nurnie" and LJ wanted me to do something. M2 pulled away for a moment and then decided he wasn't finished...
LJ: "He wants more! {sigh} This is gonna take a while."

Papa Bear brought home a bunch of flowers for me and they were on the kitchen table in a vase of water. A few days later, the hobbits noticed that they were drooping...
LJ: "Momma, your flowers are dying! You need to give 'em some soil."

We were driving past Dairy Queen...
LJ: "Are you going to get me some ice cream, Momma?"
Me: "Hmm..."
LJ: "Say yes, Momma. Just say yes. Say yes, Momma. I yike ice cream. Say yes, Momma."

LJ's favorite random words: "Butternut" & "Bourbon getty" {???}


  1. I mean, could ANYONE say no in that situation? ;) I almost named one of mine Levi! Love that name!

  2. I have a Levi!! He's 4! And I have a sister with 8 boys!!
    My Levi is always saying cute things, too. He's my only boy and I LOVE HIM TO BITS!!!
    Nice meeting you!!


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