A Triple Header Birthday Party

Feb 21, 2011

Saturday's party went very well. Normally, I don't ask for help, but I'm working on delegating. So when my mother-in-law showed up 30 minutes early, I asked her to make the deviled eggs. I had already boiled the eggs that morning and Papa Bear loves his momma's deviled eggs. The older boys helped take care of last minute house cleaning and Papa Bear had taken the boys for haircuts on Friday. The only things that were left out because of my procrastination were the cheese cubes and the olive & cheddar appetizers. I purposefully planned the party for 2:00 p.m. so that, hopefully, everyone would have already eaten lunch and not be starving. I served simple snacks: crudites {fancy for cut-up veggies}, pretzels, tortilla chips, black bean dip, hummus, ranch dip, deviled eggs, and chile-lime peanuts. The night before, I baked six dozen coconut cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes. I was still adding the buttercream frosting when our guests began to arrive. I served sweet tea and Sierra Mist {I didn't want to buy soda so it was a compromise for me}. The funny thing is that almost everyone showed up with a to-go cup of their favorite soda fix from a fast food restaurant. They know me so well.

Now, I'm going to show you pictures but don't expect anything fantastic. I am all about balance and simplicity...and sanity.

In keeping with the color theme, we also had black licorice twists and yogurt raisins. It is completely possible to throw a birthday party without artificial food coloring (I think they added something to the raisins, though). I used the cupcake toppers and decorations to add color. My friend laughed at me because I covered the peanut canisters with blue paper to coordinate.

The birthday boys


  1. Christy so cute! And once again so alike... my littlest Addison had the same shirt for her birthday in pink!

  2. Happy Birthday to your boys!! Everything sounds and looks so yummy!!!
    We have family Birthday parties every December as 5 of us have December birthdays :)


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