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Feb 17, 2011

My boys love to play board games but the older ones tend to gravitate toward the Xbox instead. So, along with reviving family nights, we are going to bring out the board games and make them play! Actually, it won't be difficult to get the boys to play...the reluctant one will probably be Papa Bear.

And while I know the value of games in learning, I haven't been utilizing them in our homeschool lately. That's because of the wide range of ages and having a toddler. It's so frustrating for LJ when the older boys are playing a game that he doesn't understand. And no game is safe from M2 unless it's played at the kitchen table, but that's going to change soon. M2 has started climbing on low stools, so it's only a matter of time before he can scale the chairs and table.

The older boys love Monopoly and we have many versions of it. The most recent addition was the electronic version Monopoly Here and Now and it's the one they pick every time. I still prefer the original version simply because there is much more thinking and learning involved by having to keep track of your own money. We also have the original MonopolyDogopoly, Monopoly Jr., a British version that my aunt brought back for me when I was a teen, and an Irish version that my mother brought back from her travels as a flight attendant. Keeping with the money theme, they also like the Game of Life. Although, every time they play, I find the tiny people for weeks afterward.

We have a lot of games in our closet, but here are the ones that get the most use in our home:

NG and IBc love this strategy game. LJ likes to take turns placing
the tiles on the board or just making designs.

M1 used to wear me out with playing this simple game. Now his younger
brothers have discovered the joy of this counting strategy game.

The hobbits love this cooperative game. It's similar to Hi Ho Cherry-O.
We have the old oversized version with wooden fruit.

Mastermind for Kids
A great logic game for kids.

Good old checkers. We have had a beautiful wooden chess set for years
but no one was motivated to learn how to play. I purchased some
wood checker pieces and now it's getting regular use.

This post was inspired by Ordinary Life MagicIf you would like to have the chance to win a new game (value up to $30) for your family, head over for her CSN game giveaway. It ends Friday, February 18, 2011.


  1. Good thoughts. We actually played a game today during school...a math board game called Sum Swamp. Since our no tv thing has begum we will be playing more games I'm sure. Thanks also for commenting on my blog today!

  2. We love games, too! A little younger, though, right now...I have been thinking of posting about them, too!


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