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Feb 8, 2011

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As homeschoolers, we love educational games and toys. Playtime and learning time rolled into one. That makes the kids and Mom happy. MindWare carries many of the best learning games, puzzles, and activities available and until February 15, 2011, you can get 15% off your MindWare purchase by using the code FEB15

We have the marble run and the boys have all loved it. While I'm attracted to the more natural wooden sets, this bright-colored plastic set is much more affordable and very durable. There can be frustrating moments when your structure comes apart {similar to Legos} but that is part of the challenge. One of the boys' new favorite games is Blokus. Even Levi likes to play by just taking turns fitting pieces onto the board, more like a cooperative game. We have been getting the MindWare catalog for several years and my wishlist is getting long. They have lots of things that are perfect for boys. I really want to get the Contraptions Catapult for Noah for his birthday but it won't be available until about a week later. And Levi would absolutely LOVE the Design & Drill Activity Center. I almost got the Perplexus for the whole family at Christmas and now I wish I would have. It would be great for travelling and for waiting for Mom to finish working with a brother during school time. The Ultra Stomp Rocket would appeal to every boy in the house, including the 16 and 38 year old ones. I would probably need to get more than one to save my sanity.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate with MindWare and if you make a purchase through any of the links above, I will receive a small percentage. Thanks!


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